Campaign feedback 


Will do!


Thanks for the reminder Amber. Ive got my mammogram booked for monday! Your plight worked for me.
Will do this today  ❤ can I ask how big your lump was when you felt it?
Feel your boobies!!!! Actually this has reminded me to this!!

Checked early!

Checking my!

Monthly reminder!

Hi, I just have to say following your journey has been really eye opening and I think you are such an inspiration for all women especially young females. I have been checking my boobs every month on the 8th since I first started following your

Without your page and what my mum went through I wouldn't of got my boobs checked this early. So thankyou hun, you are a great role model for us all!! So glad I started getting checked early with my gp!
I love your monthly reminder to check my boobies! My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer, my maternal aunt has survived breast cancer and myself and my sisters will be getting mammograms earlier than most.



Too many!

Full support from Dallas Amber! I'm doing my self exam every month on the 8th
Done and thank you. I am going to include this exam on a regular basis. 
All checked. Thank you for the campaign for awareness, too many young woman are being affected by something that most think only affects the older generations.