On the 2nd of December 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. this is not anything any woman wants to be told but especially not when you are twenty six years old. 

"When things went tits up" was established as a way to inform friends and family of my progress after I was diagnosed. I also hoped to inspire people along the way as part of my longing desire to become a motivational speaker. 

Never did I imagine in twenty four hours my first video would turn into 700 likes. It was at this point I knew sharing my story would help other people.

What I didnt know was how much it was going to help me. 

Over the past year the blog has turned into something very special. I have tried my best to remain honest and real through the good and the bad. It has created relationships and opportunities I never would have come across if it wasnt for this page. It has also been such a pleasure seeing women relate to one another and connect because of it. 

On a weekly basis I am contacted by people from around the world. Some who are newly diagnosed, others to share what they have learnt from my experience and so much more. 
This page was my therapy through treatment. It provided an immense amount of support not only for myself but for my partner, family and friends. 

It has also become a place where other women have shared their stories through breast cancer. I encourage this because I do not want people thinking that my experience alone must be what breast cancer is like. I didn't go through this with children to care for or with the BRCA1 gene mutation. By sharing other stories of women who have been through it offers variety and continues to educate followers. The women who have shared have all expressed their gatitude at how theraputic sharing their story was for them. I am just so pleased I was able to give them that platform to do so. 

Transitioning to life after cancer has its challenges, but it is exciting to find my "new normal". As of mid september, eight weeks post surgery I have regained full time employment in Sales and Marketing, I am representing Koru Care Christchurch as an Ambassador for the charity, getting back into fitness, and enjoy living in the South Island. 

I still recieve Herceptin once every three weeks until end of February 2017. There is regular heart scans, blood tests and specialists appointments to attend but we are through the worst of it. 

My goals for the page is to continue to educate, be there for those who need support and inspire followers. My dream would be to become a motivational speaker and I am working towards making that a reality.